Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rodell Warner: Photobooth poster

Print, 12 x 38 inches, ink on art paper.
Edition of 10.
Incorporating 186 photographs from the artist’s Photobooth project, created for Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week 2009.
Price: TT$140 / US$22

Christopher Cozier: Available at All Leading Stores

Ink on cardboard, 3 x 3 x 3 inches (when folded).
Edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist.
Versions of this work have been exhibited in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The artist has created a new edition specifically for Alice Yard.
Price: TT$100 / US$16

See images from previous exhibitions including Available at All Leading Stores.

Christopher Cozier/Richard Rawlins: Fear catalogue

20-page book, full colour.
Edition of 50.
Printed version of an electronic catalogue published to document Christopher Cozier’s Available at All Leading Stores installation at the 2009 Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan. Catalogue designed by Richard Rawlins.
Includes texts by Christopher Cozier, Andrea Fatona, Nicholas Laughlin, and Richard Rawlins.
Price: TT$80 / US$13

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christopher Cozier: Ownerman keychain

Metal and plastic keychain with printed graphic.
Edition of 500, numbered.
Originally produced for the artist’s Terrastories project, Copenhagen, 2002.
Price: TT$60 / US$10

Christopher Cozier: Inside/Outside

Double-sided print, letterpress on paper, 2.75 x 4 inches.
Edition of 1,000.
Created in 1991. The artist has released a few remaining copies from his archive. Packaged in a signed ziploc bag.
Price: TT$100 / US$16

Nikolai Noel: Curious Exotic

Pair of double-sided prints, 3 x 4 inches, ink on light board.
Edition of 30.
Price: TT$20 / US$3.50

Suzanne Nunez: serigraph cut-outs

Stencil cut-out, serigraph on paper.
One male and three female silhouettes, produced using standard stencils but with unique printed patterns.
From the artist’s Louis, Leaves, and Things (2009) and Vinker Dress (forthcoming, 2010) series.
Price: TT$200 / US$32 each

Friday, December 18, 2009

Brianna McCarthy: Postcard Girls

Series of original paintings, watercolour and ink on postcard-size paper (4 x 6 inches), packaged in handmade paper envelopes.
From an ongoing series titled Postcard Girls.
Price: TT$400 / US$65 each

Robert Young/The Cloth: Worker, Reparation, and Common Wealth? bags

Cloth appliqué bags, three designs, various colours.
From The Cloth's Second Growth collection, 2008.
Price: TT$440 / US$70 each

Marlon Darbeau: Irritant

Silkscreened cushion.
Limited edition.
Originally exhibited in En Route: Of Bridges and Barriers, 2008.
Price: TT$160 / US$25

Marlon Darbeau: Playful Things


Silkscreened pillowcases.
Edition of six.
Originally exhibited during Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week 2009.
Price: TT$200 / US$32 each

12 the band: Streets and Avenues

CD, 14 tracks, in limited edition packaging designed by Marlon Darbeau.
Edition of 200
Price: TT$200 / US$32

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Richard Rawlins: Out of Context


40-page book, black and white, newsprint.
Limited edition.
Originally released during Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week 2009; based on a series of mobile phone text messages.
Price: TT$30 / US$5

Jaime Lee Loy: Bury Your Mother


DVD of 45-minute film which debuted at the 2009 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival.
Edition of 50.
Price: TT$225 / US$35